11th March 2020 - - 0 comments
Self-Belief, Goal Setting and Locus of Control


Self-esteem is how we see our identity, self-belief is how we value our abilities. An overall feeling of confidence can transcend many of the challenges we’re faced with in our lives and career. Sometimes we do well, other times less well, but we can continue to believe that we will succeed in most things and in the long run. Positive self-belief creates a good impression on others and is a good predictor of success. It shows an ability to deal with setbacks and to accept both positive and negative consequences.


3rd July 2019 - - 0 comments
Aumida Year One: here's what I learned ...

I launched Aumida in July 2018 and it's now July 2019. 

Despite this having been a positive year in terms of ‘achievement’ it’s been a very challenging year for me personally.

I’ve realised it’s possible to be excited, driven and achieve success whilst simultaneously feeling fearful, not enough and to keep tumbling back into a scarcity mindset.

It felt like a year long egg and spoon race.

23rd May 2019 - - 0 comments
Digital Detox

Thinking about a digital detox? 

This will help you to think through the why, how and when


1st May 2019 - - 0 comments
Decisions - how do you make yours?

We make decisions day in day out, at work and in our private lives.

What time to wake up, go to sleep and everything in-between.

Considering the importance and impact decision making has on our entire lives; how much time have you invested in understanding your own processes and patterns?

Would you pull out onto the motorway without first checking your blind spot?


11th December 2018 - - 0 comments
Hawaiian Philosophy of life: 7 Huna Principals


 Huna means secret in Hawaiian and refers to ancient knowledge said to enable an individual to connect to their highest wisdom. 

An American Teacher by the name Max Freedom Long, became intrigued by Native Hawaiian healing practices. He introduced the 7 principles in 1936 and founded the Huna Fellowship in 1945 publishing several books on the topic. 


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